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Mount Morris Baptist Church History

In Fauquier County, Virginia, free slaves were permitted to attend a white church by the name of Thumb Run Primitive Baptist Church. From this connection, Elder John Clark and Deacon Jonas Cornwell assisted in purchasing a parcel of land from the Mount Morris Farm for the amount of five dollars in 1867.  On this one acre piece of land was a small log cabin, where the Mount Morris Baptist Church was founded in September of 1867 in Hume, Virginia.  The stipulation of the sale had its grounds based on an agreement that public worship would be the purpose for the sale and purchase of this land, which Elder Mark Russell and his sons helped to build the original church building.  Along with the land for a church, an additional land purchase was included, adding another three acres that would be used for the purpose of the church cemetery.  If for any reason these promises were ever neglected or the church is unoccupied, the land would revert back to the Henry and Charlotte Julius family heirs.  Historically, her pastors have been:


1867-1894 (first pastor) Elder Cornelius Gaddis: The church began with twenty-four members for worship every fourth Sunday of each month.  This also included the recognition of Mount Morris Baptist church as the mother church of the Second National Ketoctan association.  Also, Mount Morris was the first church in the association to buy additional property for the purpose of having the Second National Ketoctan association conventions.  


1895-1915 (second pastor) Elder Mark Russell: Church membership increased and he and his sons built the original Mount Morris structure.  


1916-1917 (third pastor) Elder Phillip Washington: By meeting with Dr. R. H. Boyd of the Boyd publishing company and began a relationship for the purpose of securing teaching material to use for Sunday School class at Mount Morris Baptist Church.  This was significant, because the Boyd publishing company offered black-authored materials for African-American Baptists.


1919-1936 (fourth pastor) Elder James Bailey: The church was remodeled during his leadership and they organized the Deacon’s and Sister Workers ministries.


1937-1945 (fifth pastor) Elder William Gibbs: The church organized the Mount Morris Charity Club for the purpose of acting as an evangelistic arm for the church.  


1945-1984 (sixth pastor) Reverend J. P. Baltimore: Under his leadership, Mount Morris added 185 members, 14 Deacons, 5 Trustees, 2 clerks, organization of the church choir and purchase of the first piano, addition of the dining room, basement, 2 bathrooms, nursery annex, padded pews, hardwood floors, carpet, a public address system, and the first church organ.  Mount Morris also organized Sunday school classes, the Pastors Aid Club, Cemetery Club, and the Senior and Junior Usher Board.  As a spiritual legacy, Reverend Baltimore licensed and ordained 6 ministers for the preaching of the Gospel, and in 1967, Mount Morris celebrated 100 years of ministry under his leadership.


1985-1991 (seventh pastor) Reverend Edward White: The church organized a youth and scholarship ministry.

1994-Present (eighth pastor) Rev. Dr. Lindsay O. Green: Mount Morris Baptist Church celebrated 125 years of ministry service in 1992 with the sale and purchase of an anniversary plate of the church logo and also reinstated Wednesday evening prayer meeting and Bible study in 1994.



Mount Morris Baptist Church
Enter To Worship, Depart To Serve

It’s Message (Proclamation) – 1 John 1:5, 1 John 3:11
It’s Mission (A Sending Forth) – Matthew 28:19-20
A course of sermons and services designed to quicken the faith and zeal of Christians 
or to convert non-believers.
It’s Motive (Motivation) – John 14:26
That which is within rather than without, which incites to action. 
It’s Method (The Way) – John 14:6
An orderly procedure or process or a regular way or manner of doing anything.   


What We Believe
The Mount Morris Baptist Church is a family of baptized believers in Christ.  We are a fellowship that is Bible-based, Christ-centered, Holy-Spirit led, and mission bound.  We believe there is one Lord, one faith, and one baptism, for all who love the Lord.  We are striving to be what the Lord would have us to be, a people loving one another and lifting up the name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus, who is Christ.