Church Staff

Official Boards & Staff

Ministerial Staff
Elder (Dr.) Lindsay O. Green, Pastor
Reverend Jeffrey Hackley
Reverend Alphonso Washington 
Reverend Ralph Williams, Sr.


Maurice Scott, Chairman
Miguel Williams
Wallace Robinson, Emeritus

Ronnie Caison



Pauline Scott, President

Bessie Carter

Ida Dowe

Reva Green, 1st Lady

Mildred Gaskins, Church Mother

Carol Washington, Secretary

Alice Gaskins, Asst President

Barbara Carter

Joan Caison

Martha Green

Barbara Newman, Treasurer

Gertrude Newman, Church Mother


John Dangerfield
Daniel Green
Daniel Scott
Linda Smallwood
Reverend Ralph Williams


Administrative Staff
Elder (Dr.) Lindsay O. Green, Pastor
Reverend Jeffrey Hackley
Minister Vivian Hackley
Darlene Green
Cheryl Polk
Diana Cook
Maurice Scott


Kitchen Staff

Joan Caison

Ronnie Caison

Maxie Brown

Shawna Hahn

Mount Morris Baptist Church Ministries


Mount Morris currently has over 19 active ministries that foster personal growth and development; promote a sense of service to mankind; and serve the community at large.  Here we define each of our ministries and their missions.  The links in the definitions will take you to the page detailing the related ministries.

Church Administration
The primary focus of MMBC Administration is the management of the operations of the overall ministry of the Mount Morris Baptist Church.

Clergy Ministry
To educate and equip Clergy to be effective, Bible based, Christ-centered and Holy Ghost empowered leaders in Kingdom building at the Mount Morris Baptist Church and the Universal Church.

Deacons Ministry
To assist the Pastor in the spiritual, administrative, and financial concerns of the church.

Deaconess Ministry
To participate in the complete service of assisting and caring for the church; and surrounding community. 

Trustee Ministry
To serve as good stewards of the church, through short and long range property management decisions.  

Ushers Ministry
To ensure that persons are greeted warmly, seated comfortably, and worshipping needs are met during worship.
1 Peter 4:9-10

Missionary Ministry
Seek to promote Christian unity through Christian Education, organization, community, and over sea’s missions; to encourage spiritual growth through Bible study, prayer worship, and Holy Communion.

Communication’s Ministry
We will worship and serve God in all that we do, as we perform our ministry function of receiving Added Members into the Church Family.  

MMC Club

Christian Education Ministry
To educate persons with the Word of God.   
(There are five areas of concentration within the Christian education ministry.)
Added Members Studies 
General Biblical Studies – Adults (GBSA)
General Biblical Studies – Youth (GBSY)
General Biblical Studies – Children (GBSC)
Special Studies (SS)

Music Ministry
It is the mission of the Mount Baptist Morris Church Music (and Worship Arts) Ministry to create an indulgent atmosphere where the presence of God is Evoked, Expounded, Experienced, and Enhanced through an all-inclusive Music and Worship Arts medium.

Senior Choir
To enhance the worship service by singing praises to the Lord, win souls for Christ by spreading the gospel through song, and provide spiritual growth and Christian fellowship for its members.

Male Chorus
To lift up the Holy Name of God through song and to live our lives as Christian men, letting others know not just through songs, but by the way we live and treat others.

Combined Choir
To sing diverse songs of praise to the Mount Morris Baptist Church and community.  To be a diverse mixture of spiritual song writers, musicians, composers, and conductors, etc. coming together to coordinate activities related to the music ministry of Mount Morris Baptist Church.

Men’s Ministry
To encourage men in all stages of life to reach their full potential to fulfill God’s divine purpose, through individual and spiritual growth, healing and leadership; monitoring, fellowship and sharing God’s Word.  

Women’s Ministry
To encourage women in all stages of life to reach their full potential to fulfill God’s divine purpose, through individual and spiritual growth, healing and leadership; monitoring, fellowship and sharing God’s Word.  

Activity Ministry
To seek Christian activities outside of the walls of the church, as well as, promote fellowship with one another.

Hospitality Ministry
To register and welcome visiting Christians and friends to Mount Morris during worship services.  Additionally, as an act of our hospitality, we will maintain personal contact with those visitors by responding to them by mail.

Production Ministry
To provide full production support for evangelizing the unsaved, edifying the saved, and glorifying God.


Boards, Staff and Minitries

At MMBC we have a knowledgeable staff of Ministers who not only preach but also teach and counsel. They are aided by a loyal Deacon and Deaconess board. Our Trustees maintain our beautiful building and grounds. MMBC is also staffed by several volunteers in our admin office and kitchen.